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Mass Torts


The Kristynik Settlement Group offers scalable solutions for your mass tort settlement claims. We offer strategic planning and administration that ensures compliance, streamlines the administration process, minimizes costs, and expedites the funding of  your cases.

Settlement Services

We offer a suite of custom settlement solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of every client we work with.
Structured Settlements


Structured settlements allow qualified plaintiffs to have their settlement paid out in future, tax-free periodic payments.  The payments can be completely customized to offer long-term financial security.

Structured Attorney Fees


Structured Attorney Fees allow you to defer your income to future dates, thus defering taxes on your income.  As an alternative to a lump sum payment, your fees are received over time and taxes are paid in the years you receive the distributions.


You may structure your fees even if your client chooses not to structure their settlement.

Trust Services


We offer a variety of trust planning solutions to meet the unique needs for those cases that involve minors, people with special needs or those who may need to protect valuable government benefits.

Lien Resolution


We offer a team of lien resolution experts who will identify and resolve Medicaid, Medicare, ERISA and private insurance liens associated with your case. 



Medicare Set Asides (MSAs)


Should a case require or benefit from the use of a Medicare Set-Aside, our firm can assist in creating one for you.  Our team of experts is knowledgeable and can coordinate the details for your case.

Fixed Indexed Annuities


Fixed Indexed Annuities offer the opportunity to earn interest based on changes in an external market index along with the peace of mind of fixed annuity.

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